St. Louis, Missouri Bike Trails




     There are many bike trails, as well as the many well-paved roads in the St. Louis area, to spend a warm summer's day, just pedaling away. The following links will take you to these trails, and give you a place to escape on those cold Midwestern winter nights. The master plan is to eventually construct over 200 miles of interconnecting trails in the Bi-State region for commuting or just riding. And, on the Illinois side of the river, a 450 mile network of trails extending to Chicago.

     The centerpiece of this system will be the Old Route 66/Chain-of-Rocks Bridge across the Mississippi River. This bridge is  the only truly bike/pedestrian crossing for cross-country touring cyclists for several hundred miles. The Eads Bridge from Downtown St. Louis to East St. Louis also has bike lanes, as well as the newly renovated McKinley Bridge, which links the Confluence Trail on the Illinois side of the Mississippi River with the Riverfront Trail on the Missouri side of the river. The Clark Bridge at Alton, Illinois also provides bike lanes to cross from Missouri to Illinois over the river.                                                   




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