Ulysses S. Grant Trail  
 The Ulysses S. Grant Trail is developed on an old rail corridor in South St. Louis County along I-55. The area is surprisingly rural in spots, considering it is 5 minutes from South County Shopping Center. The paved trail is 8 miles long at present. The trail passes by the Ulysses S. Grant Historical Site, Anheuser-Busch's Grant's Farm, and St. Louis County's White Cliff Park, which makes for a nice rest stop.
  The Trailhead features a large parking lot, which it shares with Orlando Gardens Banquet Center.  
  The trail loosely follows Gravois Creek  over its course.  
 Features along the trail include a BMX park, the KMOV/Channel 4 transmitter, and the Trailnet Inc. office. Trailnet owns and maintains the trail, as well as the Chain-of-Rocks Bridge and the St. Louis Riverfront Trail. Cold water is provided on warm weekends, and a vending machine with soda and sport drinks is located close to the trail. Donations to help build and maintain the system of trails and greenways can be mailed to Trailnet Inc., 3900 Reavis Barracks Road, St. Louis, MO 63125. More information can be had by calling (314) 416-9930.